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Human Skill
  1. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.
  2. Assertive Communication & Interpersonal Skills.
  3. Leader A Team.
  4. Mentoring Skills.
  5. Negotiation Skills.
  6. People Management.
  7. Problem Solving And Decision Making.
  8. Supervisory Management Skill.
  9. Time Management.
  10. Supply Chain Management.
  11. Material Knowledge For Drilling And Production Operation.
  12. Material Knowledge For Non Technical People.
  13. Accounting & Finance Aspect Of PSC.
  14. Oil & Gas Legal In (Finance) Contract For Non Legal Officer.
  15. PSC Technical And Finance Aspect Of POD, AFE, WP&B And Technical  Oil & Gas Introduction.
  1. Introduction To Logistic.
  2. Warehouse Management: Operation And Control.
  3. Advance Inventory And Modern Warehousing Management.
  4. Program Pemberdayaan SDM Untuk Peningkatan Performance.
  5. Preventive And Predective Maintenance Worsksop.
  6. Project Management.
  7. Inspiring Leadership.
  8. Program Mengelola Operational Perusahaan.
  9. Program Meningkatkan Kinerja Operational Perusahaan Bagi Middle Management / Supervisor.
  10. Strategic Planning, Budgeting And Cost Control.
  11. Contract Management.
  12. Introduction To Budgeting & Cost Control.
  13. Community Development.
  14. Procurement Process And Contract Monitoring.

Mining & Energy Reservoir Engineering

  1. Introduction To Petroleum Economy
  2. Petroleum Economic And Risk Analysis
  3. Petroleum Project Economic And Risk Management
  4. Petroleum Contractual System Simulation
  5. Applied Reservoir Engineering
  6. Basic Reservoir Engineering
  7. Reliability Of Core Analysis And PVT Data
  8. Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods Concepts And Mechanisms
  1. Reservoir Management And Reserves Optimization Concepts.
  2. Fundamental Of Reservoir Engineering.
  3. Technical Concepts Of Improving Well Productivity And Oil Recovery.
  4. Practical Aspect And Reliability Of Simulation Studies For EOR Processes.
  5. Use Of Geostatistical Methods In Reservoir Modeling.
  6. Production Well Test And Pressure Analysis.
  7. Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Business, Manufacturing And Technology.


  1. Introduction To Geothermal System And Technology
  2. Geo-Electrical Method For Geothermal Exploration
  3. Geology, Geophysics And Geochemistry For Geothermal Exploration
  4. Seismic Methods In Geothermal Exploration
  5. Drilling Planning For Geothermal Well
  6. Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  1. Geothermal Reservoir Modeling
  2. Geothermal Production Engineering
  3. Analysis Of Techno-Economics Of Geothermal Projects
  4. Macro Excel Programming For Geothermal Applications
  5. Preparation Of Geothermal Project Proposal
  6. Geothermal Energy Utilization

Production And Drilling Engineering

  1. Basic Gas Technology
  2. Basic Petroleum Engineering
  3. Basic Geology For Non Geologist
  4. Basic Drilling, Completion And Workover Operations
  5. Basic Petroleum Engineering Practices
  6. Basic Petroleum Technology
  7. Basic Drilling Technology
  8. Basic Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Practice For Production People And All Related
  9. Basic Drilling Operation For Non Drilling Engineer
  10. Drilling For Non Drilling Personals
  11. Gaslift Design And Operations
  12. Advance Drilling Design, Optimization And Well Planning
  13. Artificial Lift Equipment, Design And Optimization
  14. Casing, Cementing Design And Analysis
  15. Coiled Tubing Technology And Applications
  16. Advanced Oil And Gas Production System
  17. Reservoir Fluid Properties
  18. Petroleum Engineering For Non Technical Personal
  19. Production Optimization Using Nodal System Analysis
  20. Well Completion And Workover
  21. Introduction To Oil & Gas Industry
  22. Sand Control Optimization
  23. Oil & Gas Well Stimulation By Acidizing And Hydraulic Fracturing
  24. Exploration And Production Process Basics: Understanding The Petroleum Industry Value Cycle
  25. Introduction To Data Management
  26. Overview Of The Petroleum Industry
  27. Evaluating And Developing Shale Resources
  28. Operating Company / Service Company Dynamics: How E&P Gets Don
  29. Oil And Gas Teams: How To Make Them Work
  30. Petroleum Project Management: Principles And Practices
  31. Surface Production Operations
  32. Coring And Core Analysis
  33. Foundations Of Petro Physics
  34. Well Log Interpretation
  35. Capillarity In Rocks
  36. Integration Of Rocks, Log And Test Data
  37. Operations Geology
  38. Shaly Sand Petro Physics
  39. Structural And Strategraphic Interpretation Of Dip Meters And Borehole-Imaging Logs
  40. Carbonate Reservoirs – Petro Physical Characterization
  41. Applied Rock Mechanics
  42. Cased Hole Formation Evaluation
  43. Wire Line Formation Testing And Interpretation
  44. Drilling Fluids Technology
  45. Drilling Practices
  46. Fundamentals Of Casing Design
  47. Primary Cementing – Cementing I
  48. Stuck Pipe Prevention -Train Wreck Avoidance
  49. Well Design And Engineering
  50. Cementing Practices – Cementing Ii
  51. Directional, Horizontal, And Multilateral Drilling
  1. Drill String Design And Optimization
  2. Managing Wellsite Operations
  3. Practical Drilling Skills
  4. Solids Control Systems
  5. Gas Lift And Production Optimization
  6. Gas Dehydration And Glycol Regeneration
  7. H2S Gas Control
  8. Gas Lift Operation & Troubleshooting
  9. Basic Production And Engineering
  10. Oil & Gas Surface Production Operation Facility And Equipment
  11. Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide And Water Removal
  12. Project Management For Oil & Gas Industry
  13. Pengelolaan Lapangan Mature (Tua) Untuk Industri Migas
  14. Production Operation
  15. Material Knowledge For Logistic People And Warehouse Management
  16. Oil Production And Processing Facilities
  17. Underbalance Drilling & Other Drilling
  18. Drilling Planning And Problem Solving
  19. Handling And Problems In Fluid Mechanics For Engineers Oil And Gas Production
  20. Rules Of Thumb  Handle The Operation And Problems For Gas Processing
  21. Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, And Water Removal Using Membrane Processes
  22. Oil Treating And Emulsions Equipment And Troubleshooting
  23. Technical Assistance Computer For Pet. Prod. Eng. Fundamentals Of Opr And Maintenance
  24. Principles And Rules Used In The Petroleum Prod. Eng. Practice For Opr. And Maintenance
  25. Operation And Maintenance Of Separation And Transportation Oil And Gas System
  26. Indentifying Well Problems And Solving The Problems For Production Enhancement
  27. Rule Of Thumb For Gas – Oil And Oil – Water – Gas Separation Of The Opr. And Maintenance Troubleshooting And Operability Impact Of The Gas Handling Facilities
  28. Rules Of Thumb Oil Handling System And Facilities For Surface Production
  29. Produced Water Treating And Water Injection For Oil And Gas Handling System And Facilities
  30. Fundamentals And Application Of Surfactants For Enhanced Oil Recovery System
  31. Pengoperasian Dan Problem Pada Sistim Stabilisasi Minyak Dan Gas
  32. Korosi  Carbon Steel Plant Proses Pemisahan  Co2 Dari Gas Alam
  33. Emotional Attitude Control For A Material Handling In The Petroleum Industry Community
  34. Problem-Solving Operation And Maintenance Of Petroleum Engineering
  35. Application Rules Of Thumb For Multiphase Flow Metering
  36. Geology, Reservoir, Production  And Risk Analysis In Petroleum Prod. For Non Engineering
  37. An Introduction Oil And Gas Production For Non Engineering Handout
  38. Water For Subsurface Injection And Corrosion In Drilling Of Producing Operations
  39. Well Testing, Water Treatment Hydrocyclone And Gas Processing
  40. Handling And  Troubleshooting To Inhibiting Hydrate  Formation And Gas Dehydration System

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Gas Handling Conditioning And Processing
  2. Piping And Pipeline Design Standards And Integrity System
  3. Corrosion Control And Protection Technology In Oil & Gas Facilities
  4. Water Treatment Technology
  5. Gas Handling, Conditioning And Processing Facilities
  6. Advanced Water Treatment And Disposal Technology
  7. Oil & Gas Corrosion Control And Pipeline Integrity Management
  8. Oil & Gas Pipeline Design Operation And Maintenance
  9. Surface Pump Operation & Maintenance
  10. Centrifugal Pumps: Selection, Operation And Maintenance
  11. Gas Pipeline Hydraulic
  12. Sucker Rod Pump Optimization
  13. Electrical Submersible Pump: Characteristic, Maintenance And Trouble Shooting
  14. Centrifugal Pumps: Selection, Operation And Maintenance
  15. Centrifugal Pump And Compressor
  16. Well Log Analysis And Interpretation
  1. Well Logging And Formation Evaluation
  2. Open Hole Formation Evaluation And Well Logging
  3. Engineering Material Selection
  4. Piping System & Pipeline Integrity With An Application To ASME
  5. Pipe Stress Analysis Using Caesar Ii
  6. Piping & Pipeline: Design, Fabrication, Inspection And Maintenance
  7. Pipeline Systems; Design, Construction, Maintenance And Asset Management
  8. Basic Corrosion For Noncorrosion Engineers
  9. Project Management With Primavera
  10. Project Management Using Ms Project
  11. Essential Project Management Skills
  12. Practical Project Management For Mechanical, Electrical And Instrumentation Eng.
  13. Effective Inventory Management
  14. Pemahaman Standar Manajemen Resiko Iso 31000:2009
  15. Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance

Electrical Program

  1. Advance Vibration Analysis
  2. Electric Equipment & Motor Protection
  3. SCADA System: Application And Practical Design
  4. Programmable Logic Control (Plc) Automation
  5. Engineering Instrumentation For Industrial Application
  6. Choke And Control Valve Operation And Maintenance
  7. Safety Instrument System & Control
  8. Electric Generator-Set: Selection Operation, Maintenance And Troubleshooting Process Control For Noncontrol Engineers
  9. Ole For Process Control (OPC)
  10. Safety Relief Valve: Fundamental Concepts, Sizing And Selection
  1. Advance System Protection
  2. Basic Electrical
  3. Electrical Distribution System Protection
  4. Electrical Equipment Maintenance And Testing
  5. Electrical Installation And Inspection
  6. Electrical Power System Analysis
  7. Proses Control System And Instrumentation
  8. Emergency Response Planning Course
  9. Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL)
  10. HSE Aspects On Land Drilling & Well Work (WO/WS) Rig Operations